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Agencies can provide outstanding service by re-directing selected
inbound contacts into a digital interaction with a
multi-lingual VOICE, MOBILE & WEB virtual investigator.

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Re-Direct Select 911 Calls

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I re-direct select 911 contacts into my virtual investigator.

Case Service enables agencies to offer an instant, efficient, and effective alternative when responding to lower priority calls for service. VOICE - MOBILE - WEB

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My patrol staff now have a digital beat partner.

Officers & Deputies must always respond to the emergencies. Give them a digital beat partner to free them to respond to those higher priority calls.

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Sounds interesting. Is there a way to see MOBILE and WEB in action? Or, hear the VOICE system.

Yes. For a quick demonstration, take this short Self-Guided Tour. Or, if you'd rather see a full product demonstration,

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Implementing cloud-based technology for LE agencies has never been easier.

See how our first call response solution can improve your services and cut costs.

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Communicate, Protect & Serve.

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"Ten8Tech's disruptive CASE SERVICE technology has transformed how our agency supports our community's needs for non-emergency calls for service."

Police Department

"If a citizen wants to tell the public works department there's a pothole, or call the zoning department and receive a document sent to them so they can trim the tree... Case Service automates and accelerates the entire communication process; bringing mobile, voice, text and web to the forefront of innovation for Municipal Services."

Municipal Service

"Manage your resources more efficiently with proactive policing. Ten8Tech's Case Service is a first call response solution that helps improve services and cuts costs. It really allows your agency to keep the force in the field."

Sheriff Department

Communicate, Protect & Serve.